1. The ‘Floorwise Rewards’ programme is only available to retailers or contractors purchasing Floorwise branded products from participating Floorwise distributors.

2. Customers must register for the promotion before they can start to accrue points. No purchases will count towards the promotion until the date of registration.  

3. Only one named individual per company will be allowed to register for the Floorwise Rewards promotion.

4. The Floorwise Rewards promotion cannot be used in conjunction with any other Floorwise promotion and is at the discretion of the Floorwise distributor.

5. Only Floorwise branded products included in the promotion, purchased and invoiced within the qualifying period will be accepted. For a full list of products included in the promotion visit www.floorwise-rewards.co.uk.

6. All qualifying products must be of first quality and invoiced between 1st January 2024 and 28th June 2024.  

7. Purchase data and number of points will be collected by the Floorwise distributor. Your local Floorwise distributor will provide regular updates on the number of point accrued.

8. Claims will only be processed for delivery if you have accrued enough points and Invoices have been paid for in full.

9. Claims will only be accepted when a fully completed ‘Floorwise Rewards’ claim form is submitted at www.floorwise-rewards.co.uk.

10. A claim can include multiple rewards from across the selected product/point categories.  

11. Claims can be made at any time up until the closing date.

12. No claims can be accepted after 28 July 2024. Late claims will not be accepted.  

13. Claims will only be accepted from the retailer/contractor named on the invoice.  

14. All claims will be verified.

15. Please allow up to 28 days for delivery of rewards.

16. It is our policy to ensure that the management of every business receiving this promotion is fully aware of its terms and conditions and it is only offered on the understanding that this scheme has the endorsement of the management.

17. It is the responsibility of claimant/recipient to notify the inland revenue where appropriate.

18. The promotion is managed, controlled and administered by Floorwise Group Ltd and any correspondence concerning this promotion should be directed to Floorwise: rewards@floorwise.co.uk.

19. Any reward specific queries should be emailed to lucy@prizeshark.com, any orders that are damaged, incorrect or have missing items, should be notified within 24 hours of receipt.

20. Any items discontinued by manufacturers during the promotion period will be substituted with the manufacturer’s replacement model of an equivalent value.

21. Floorwise reserves the right to withdraw this promotion without notice.

22. Floorwise reserve its right to refuse any claim.
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flooring's biggest rewards promotion is now closed.
Please contact your local distributor if you have any queries relating to the promotion.